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How Will Infidelity or Adultery Affect My Divorce Case?

Even though adultery can end a relationship in a heartbeat, it may not have the same dramatic effect on your divorce case depending on which state you live in. California is one of a number of states that allow for “no fault” divorce ...

What Are the Different Types of Alimony?

Alimony can be one of the most contentious parts of any divorce proceedings, seeing as it may be the only way one of the parties can ensure financial stability following their separation. While the basic concept – one party pays the other a ...

How Is Paternity Established?

Only in the rarest of cases do courts need to determine who the mother of a child is; nine months of pregnancy and hours of labor leading to the child’s birth tends to be a pretty strong indicator. Paternity, on the other hand, can be much ...

How Is Alimony Calculated?

How Is Alimony Calculated? When it comes to divorce, alimony or spousal support consistently proves to be a point of contention between both parties. One wants more, the other wants to give less. You may find yourself asking whether or not it’s ...

5 Things Judges Look for When Deciding Alimony

Divorce can be a stressful time in any couple’s life. It is never easy to admit when a relationship is not working. When two people decide to dissolve a marriage, it is not just a matter of going their own way. Things like support, property ...

How to Modify Spousal Support in Rancho Cucamonga

Life can be unpredictable, changing from day to day. What worked in the moment may not work in the future. The same goes for contracts made. Spousal support is established to allow both individuals an equal maintenance of their lifestyle. A couple ...

Modifying Family Law Court Orders In California

Our Rancho Cucamonga family law attorneys have helped numerous individuals and families navigate the complexities of their legal journeys. Aside from providing our clients with comprehensive and personalized support during the divorce process, we ...

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