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Blog Posts in May, 2016

How to Best Prepare for a Divorce

Coming to the decision to file for divorce is stressful enough, but are you prepared for the work ahead of you? Here at Aruna P. Rodrigo, Family Law Attorney, our firm is dedicated to helping you handle your divorce as best as you can. We’ve ...

What Happens to a Custody Agreement When You Move Out of State?

As hard as it was during the divorce, your life has settled down to the point where you’ve moved on, and you’re ready to move to greener pastures. But what happens if the pastures you’re moving to are in a different state from your ...

How Bankruptcy Affects Divorce and Vice Versa

Two life-changing events: bankruptcy and divorce. How do these two affect each other? Unfortunately, there are several misconceptions regarding bankruptcy and its effect on divorce and vice versa. There are specific parts of the divorce process that ...

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