Co-Parenting Time: How to Make the Most of Summer Vacation


Summer vacations are a time for you and your family to step outside, take a break, and enjoy the warm weather together. Many families go out of town, while others choose to enjoy local amenities. Summer vacations are a time to create new and memorable moments. However, this can be difficult when you are divorced and need to share parenting time with your ex. To help make the season go smoothly, we offer some tips.

How to Make the Most of Summer Vacation

Review Your Parenting Plan
If you and your ex have a parenting plan in place, it is important to consult it before making any future plans. Check to see who has the kids at what time. In shared custody, summer vacations are usually divided evenly between the parents. By reviewing your parenting plan, you can help minimize any future conflicts.

Share Summer Plans and Schedules in Advance
Try to establish your vacation plans as soon as possible. This way, you can share your plans with your ex, so that there are no surprises in the future. If applicable, get your plans agreed upon in writing. This way, if your ex has objections later, you can protect your summer plans. By sharing your vacation plans earlier, it puts your plan on the calendar.

Get Your Children’s Input
Summer vacations can be a great time for kids to spend time with their parents, particularly those they don’t see every year. It might be tempting to schedule all the things you want to do with your kids. But find out what your kids want to do this summer vacation. Do they enjoy going on outings? Do they want to stay home, sleep in, and play video games all day? Considering their interests can help them feel involved.

Be Flexible
Life can throw curveballs when you least expect it. While you may have your summer plans scheduled, be flexible. Emergencies may happen or one of the parents may need to make a change to the parenting plan. Be as accommodating as possible while still ensuring your interests are taken into consideration. Foster a healthy relationship between your kids and their other parent.

Maintain Positivity
Whether you are aware of it or not, your children respond to the mood or vibes you give off. Keep a positive attitude and enjoy the little moments with your kids. Do not make your child feel guilty for wanting to spend time with their other parent as well. By looking at the bright side, not only will this put them at ease, it can help make the summer vacation your most memorable yet.

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