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Divorce is contentious to begin with, but there are times when things get even more complicated. For couples that own multiple properties, have money in stocks and bonds, or have built substantial nest eggs, dividing property and calculating spousal support in a divorce can be far more complex.

At Aruna P. Rodrigo, Attorney at Law, our Rancho Cucamonga high net worth divorce attorney has the knowledge and experience necessary to help couples get through divorce matters involving high asset amounts. We know what goes into decisions of property division and spousal support. Our team knows what the judges look at when they make final decisions. This means we have exhibited legal excellence and have been recognized by our peers for a high level of ability.

If you are divorcing in Rancho Cucamonga and either you or your spouse has a high net worth, then you can trust that our firm knows how to help you through this often-complex process.

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Factors in High Asset Property Division & Spousal Support

As the divorce process continues and goes into trial, the judge handling your case will most likely look at a number of factors when determining who gets what. In a high net worth divorce, things work similar to a regular divorce, but there are a few things that can complicate the process such as how to divide a shared business, stocks, bonds, retirement plans, and more. For many of the other assets, the decisions are still made based on the fact that California is a community property state.

This means that all property and assets obtained during the marriage belongs to both parties. Property and assets that were brought into the marriage most often go to the owner who had them before the marriage. This is also true for items that are inherited and certain gifts. When it comes to spousal support, a court will use numerous factors to make their decision.

Factors involved in spousal support decisions include, but are not limited to:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Contributions of each party to the marriage
  • The income of both parties
  • Ability of each spouse to earn an income after dissolution

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Don’t go into a high net worth divorce on your own. There are a number of important things that must be discussed and arrangements must be made. With the help of a legal professional, you can work to protect your rights throughout the entire process. Our firm is ready to help you get through this difficult time.

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