New Year's Resolutions for a Post-Divorce Life


With the chorus of Auld Lang Syne comes a determination to set new goals and achieve new heights in the new year. This can be daunting when you go through major changes in your life. At Family Law Advocacy Group, we understand how challenging this can be when you experience a recent divorce. Rather than dwelling on the negatives, however, you can use the new year as a means for a new beginning.

Let Go of Divorce as an Identifier

When a person gets divorced, it can feel like that is what you’ve been reduced to. Whether it is true or not, you can start feeling like that is what identifies you. Pause for a moment and let go of the divorcee moniker. Divorce is simply an unfortunate thing you have had to go through. But that’s not all you are. Look to establish your identity in a positive light.

Take Care of Yourself

Although this may seem obvious, sometimes we all need to be reminded to be kind to ourselves. Take a moment to catalog your physical and emotional health. What is working and what is not? Endeavor to heal both aspects of your life. Why not go for a walk that allows you time to meditate? Or start eating better? Do what makes you feel better.

Set Goals and Start New Hobbies

One of the most exciting things about the new year is that it offers limitless possibilities. Take advantage of that! Along with your resolutions, set goals for yourself. Whether it’s running a 5K marathon or dancing without stepping on someone’s toes, having something to work towards can push you to achieve these goals. In the same vein, try some fun new hobbies. Have you wanted to learn how to cook? Or did you want to learn to paint? Why not do it this year?

Make This Year the Best Yet

Try to make this year the best yet. Look at the positive aspects in life and pursue your dreams. Not only will this help you stay in the right state of mind, but it can help you move past the divorce, as well.

At Family Law Advocacy Group, we hope that you and your loved ones have the best year yet! If you need help regarding family law issues, our board certified family law specialist is ready to help. Call today at (909) 992-0188 to schedule a free consultation.

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