5 Questions to Ask Your Potential Divorce Lawyer


Divorce can be a stressful moment in many people’s lives. It can be difficult to maneuver through the complexities of ending a relationship. The last thing you’re probably prepared for is hiring a divorce attorney. If you’re like many people, it can be intimidating finding a lawyer that is right for you. To make the process easier, we’ve listed common questions you should ask any firm you are thinking of hiring to represent you.

1. How do your legal fees work?

Many attorney have different fees and payment options. Some Lawyer work on a flat fee basis, while others charge by the hour. Before you commit to a lawyer, it is important to figure out how much you will potentially spend and if it fits in your budget. If an attorney has handled similar cases in the past, they should be able to give you a general estimate.

2. How much experience do you have?

Sometimes the multiple options of divorce Lawyer can be overwhelming. How do you know whom to choose? Ask your potential lawyer how much experience they have. Do they primarily handle divorce cases or do they practice in other areas? Is the lawyer board certified? These questions can help you determine whether they are the right choice for you.

3. Will anyone else work on my case?

In some cases, multiple individuals can work on your behalf. Find out if others will help your case. Also, ask if you can meet these people. That way you can have an insight into who the people are that are helping you. If you find you do not like the staff members, it is better to know upfront.

4. What is your plan to help my divorce?

While the attorney may not have a concrete plan in place, experienced individuals will have a general idea of how to help you obtain your end goals. Ask the potential lawyer how they plan to represent your case. This will give you insight into how they think.

5. Is there anything I can do to prepare?

Before you leave the attorney’s office, ask them what you can do now to protect yourself. You should also see if there are certain things you can do on your own to help prepare you for the next step in your divorce process.

Asking these questions should help you determine whether the attorney is right for you. You should see how much knowledge they possess on the subject. Also, listen to your gut. Does this attorney seem like someone you can trust to handle your case?

At Family Law Advocacy Group, we have family law specialists who are experienced in handling divorce cases. Allow us to answer all of your questions by calling today for a free consultation!

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