The Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

The Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

When Hostility Isn’t an Option

On TV and in the media, public divorces are usually the most vicious and hostile. However, many divorces do not have to be this way. Many couples seek amicable proceedings, ones that will not damage their families or drain their emotional and financial resources.

One way that couples can ensure a peaceful and collaborative process is through an agreement called collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce is a contract between spouses to form a divorce agreement that is mutually agreeable to both parties, or both parties walk away from the agreement entirely. It is similar to mediation, except both parties have Lawyer instead of a neutral third party.

How Collaborative Divorce Works

Collaborative divorce only works when both parties agree to it. Once agreed to, the collaborative contract stipulates that neither party’s attorney can pursue litigation. As a result, the spouses are forced to form an agreement that meets both their needs, mutually ensuring their cooperation.

The benefits of collaborative divorce are:

  • It’s usually more affordable
  • It’s guaranteed to be less stressful
  • Both parties can walk away satisfied

By making negotiation the only legal recourse, many amicable couples find that the divorce process is much simpler and far more empowering. Divorce litigation tends to be far less predictable and controllable when it comes to results. Collaboration ensures that your results are exactly what you want.

We understand firsthand the power of negotiation. Negotiating a contract can be far faster and simpler than a trial. As a result, property division goes smoothly, and both parties do not have to experience the exhaustion of a long legal battle. In the end, both parties can move on with their lives. However, sometimes a legal battle is inevitable between certain couples. When that happens, you will want someone who is trial-tested and ready to fight for your interests.

If you are facing a divorce, amicable or otherwise, choose a lawyer with expertise in the field of divorce law—call Family Law Advocacy Groupat (909) 344-5704.

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