January Is Known As Divorce Month

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January has become known in the field of family law as "divorce month," or the month when most couples seek to resolve their failing marriages once and for all. The holiday season works to encourage these filings. Spouses are often willing to put their emotions on hold through the holidays for the sake of the children, but once the New Year hits, many seek to resolve their resolutions early on by calling on a divorce attorney.

Why do so many couples divorce in January?

The holiday season does not push people to end their marriages. Many are considering divorce long before December, but the holiday season is traditionally considered the time for gatherings with family and friends. Ending a marriage at this time may be considered more harmful than helpful. However, the holidays can work to sharpen the focus of why the marriage is unhappy and why filing for divorce really is the best decision.

January is the most common month for divorce because:

  • The New Year encourages people to make the changes they want to see and take advantage of new opportunities.
  • Couples would rather stick through one last holiday season with the children and announce the divorce once everything is settled.
  • Holidays are the most financially and emotionally stressful time of the year, exacerbating existing problems with couples.
  • Tax benefits and financial reasons that can save significant amounts of money may warrant the need of waiting to file until the new year.

Every couple has their own unique reasons for divorcing and will face numerous pitfalls no matter when they file. With any life-changing decision, careful thought and consideration should go into moving forward with this matter.

Deciding to divorce a spouse is nothing to be ashamed of. With millions of people across the United States choosing to make the same decision in January, ending a marriage is very common. It is also, in many instances, in the best interest of the family as a whole.

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