5 Divorce Laws You Didn't Know Existed


Our nation has come a long way in terms of its divorce laws, but there are some statutes now considered odd and antiquated, but are still on the books. Here’s a list of five divorce laws you may not have known existed.

1. Alienation of Affection Laws

If you live in New Mexico or Mississippi, there is a clause called “alienation of affection” that allows the wronged spouse (usually the one who was served divorce papers, was cheated on, or otherwise scorned) to sue their ex-spouse for money. They might even be allowed to sue their ex-spouse’s partner.

2. Third Time’s a Charm, but Don’t Go for Four

It may be rare, but it happens. Spouses who divorce can decide to get remarried. Sometimes this even happens twice. Spouses who are feeling particularly indecisive in Kentucky can get divorced and remarried up to three times, but it is illegal to remarry the same person a fourth time.

3. You Can Be Mean to Your Mother-In-Law

It might not be the best idea to shun your mother-in-law, but at least in the city of Wichita, Kansas, mistreatment of a mother-in-law cannot be used as a grounds for divorce. In most states like California, divorce is no-fault, meaning you do not have to have a reason for getting divorced other than irreconcilable differences.

4. I Dare You

Marriage is a big commitment, one that affects nearly every area of your life. However, if you were feeling particularly adventurous and you got married on a dare or as a joke, this could be legal grounds to get your union annulled in the state of Delaware.

5. Breaking the Law

In the country of Malta, it is illegal to get divorced. “Till death do us part” has never been so literal. Malta is a county controlled by the Vatican, and as such, it must enforce the Vatican’s (and hence the Catholic Church’s) views on marriage and divorce.

These laws are undoubtedly outlandish, and more for entertainment than information. So if you are looking to get divorced in or near San Bernardino, California, contact Family Law Advocacy Group!

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