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Establishing Paternity in California

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Paternity is an area of the law that addresses the legal relationship between a father and his child. Paternity establishes the legal responsibility that a biological father had to his children. In most cases, if a couple is married before or around the time the child is born, it is assumed that the husband is the father.

Husbands can claim paternal rights after the marriage as well.

However, if a couple chooses to remain unmarried, it is very important for the father to claim the child as his. Often, those listed as the father at the time of a child’s birth is legally recognized as the father. If no one is listed, a man can bring up a paternity suit to claim his rights of his child.

Why Does Paternity Matter?

Establishing paternity is important because of the legal ramifications that entail. As the legally recognized father of a child, you have rights and responsibilities. Claiming paternity can offset the legal controversies that can later arise if a couple decides to dissolve their relationship.

The benefits of paternity include:

  • The child will receive support from both mother and father.
  • You have legal visitation rights.
  • You can gain full or partial custody of the child.
  • The child will benefit from a health insurance from either parent.
  • You will have access to family medical records.

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