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Divorce is often characterized as being a traumatic experience, where former spouses are left with anger and regret. However, not all divorce has to be that way. In fact, sometimes divorce is necessary for a healthier quality of life and is mutually decided on. In cases like these, mediation might be a better option for divorce.

Mediation offers a relatively peaceful and mutually beneficial alternative for separating couples. Contact Aruna P. Rodrigo to learn more.

What Does Mediation Entail?

Mediation proceedings involve a neutral third party that listen to both sides of the story. They review the information and demands presented by both spouses and work to find a mutually beneficial agreement. A mediator is there to serve as a liaison between the splitting parties and thus, specifically does not pass judgment. Unlike divorces that go to trial, mediation looks to find an agreement that will satisfy everyone.

Some issues that the spouses will address in mediation include:

A good mediator will listen to both party’s requests and come up with a plan that will be advantageous for each spouse. Having a mediator can create a collaborative space that can be constructive, rather than divisive.

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We at Aruna P. Rodrigo, Attorney at Law understand how complicated and stressful divorces can be. Mediation is a good alternative for couples who have both agreed on the split. Aruna P. Rodrigo brings experience to the firm. Let us help you achieve a productive and cooperative separation that benefits both parties.

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