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Resolving Family Law & Divorce Matters

Do you need legal counsel to help you with navigating the divorce process or a family law proceeding? Aruna P. Rodrigo, Attorney at Law is the solution. Our family law attorney works closely with you at all times and stands firm on your behalf. We are well-versed in divorce proceedings and related complications that can arise from these legal matters. When you come to our firm for family law counsel, you can be confident knowing you are working with experienced representation.

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Comprehensive Family Law Counsel

If you need personalized and experienced divorce representation, we are here to help. Having a Rancho Cucamonga family law attorney with nearly 20 years of experience can make all the difference in your case.

We have the skills and experience to guide you through all types of family law matters such as:

There is no "one size fits all" approach when it comes to divorce or any family law issue. Every individual is different and each case will involve unique circumstances that make a personalized, client-centered approach essential. We know this can be a difficult time, which is why we are here to be the advocates you can trust.

Filing for Divorce in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

To file for divorce in Rancho Cucamonga, you will have to file divorce paperwork with San Bernardino County. Divorce has many different facets—usually more for couples who have been married a substantial amount of time, have children, or have a lot of property/debts. In addition to divorce paperwork, many spouses also have to file support orders (spousal and child), custody orders, and division of property orders.

The process for filing for divorce is summarized below –

  1. Complete a petition for divorce
  2. Complete a family law summons
  3. Complete any additional forms (custody, support, property division, etc.)
  4. File all completed forms to the clerk of the court in your jurisdiction and pay a fee
  5. If you are the one petitioning for the divorce, you will have to serve your spouse the divorce papers – although you are the one initiating the action, someone else will have to carry out the actual "serving" such as a friend or relative over the age of 18.
  6. This next step is particularly important for property division purposes. You must fill out a financial disclosure form disclosing all assets and debts.

The divorce filing process can get complex, so we strongly encourage you to contact our firm.

Importance of Hiring a Reliable Family Law Advocate

If you are in need of reliable legal assistance, you should not hesitate to reach out to Aruna P. Rodrigo, Attorney at Law. We know what is on the line and know the way that the law will be able to profoundly impact your case. You can trust that when you choose to work with our firm that we will always go above and beyond in our efforts to protect your legal rights—regardless of the circumstances that you are facing.

We are proud to offer clients outstanding legal and negotiating skills as well as courtroom insight and experience. We know that the outcome of a divorce or family law issue can be crucial to your future. That is why we approach each case with a determination to fight for a favorable outcome. We are well versed in all areas of family law and ready to help protect your rights and best interests.

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