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At Aruna P. Rodrigo, Attorney at Law, we are committed to offering compassionate legal representation to seniors in cases ranging from the drafting of wills and trusts to the appointing of a conservator. If you are growing older and have questions regarding the legal steps that you should take, or if you are concerned about how you should care for an elderly loved one, we encourage you to contact our firm as quickly as possible.

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Types of Elder Law Cases That We Can Handle

With an aging population, elder law has become an integral part of our nation’s legal landscape, and if you find yourself facing these complex issues, it is critical that you find an attorney who you can trust. These are not only intensely personal matters, but they are also highly complicated; you need someone who can guide you through all of the complexities while still taking a vested interest in your best interest and those of your family.

Two of the ways that our firm can meet the need of elderly clients include:

  • Estate Planning – We can help you to preserve your future legacy through effective estate planning. Don’t assume that this is only for the wealthy or the infirm. Drafting these documents can ensure that your loved ones are protected after you are gone and give you control over your possessions.
  • Conservatorship – This is one way in which you can ensure you are protected, even when you are no longer able to speak for yourself. By establishing this, you can have a say in future medical treatment, as well as the handling of your finances. It allows you to proactively prevent abuse or neglect.

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No matter your unique situation, our law firm is here to stand by your side. We have an in-depth understand of these cases and can provide you with the caring, skilled guidance that you and your loved ones deserve.

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