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Conservatorship is the legal process of appointing a "guardian" or "protector" for an individual who is no longer able to manage their personal and financial affairs. This legal relationship may be established for people who are physically or mentally impaired from injury, illness, or aging. The process of obtaining conservatorship will involve a judge selecting a person—known as the conservator—who will be legally responsible for the care and / or finances of the individual. Conservators may be family members, friends, or even caregivers.

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Types of Conservatorship

California law allows for two types of conservatorship:

  • Conservatorship of a person – When the court appoints a conservator of a person, they will be responsible for the personal needs of the individual. These needs may include personal care, food, health care, and other home needs.
  • Conservatorship of an estate – Courts may appoint conservators of an estate, who will be responsible for a person’s finances, income and property, and other financial needs.

Because every situation is unique and every individual has unique needs, there are various types of conservatorships that can be established, including the following:

  • Limited conservatorship
  • Temporary conservatorship
  • LPS conservatorship

Guardianship & Other Options

In addition to guiding clients through the conservatorship process, our attorney is also available to help clients explore all of their available options for protecting family members or friends in need of care.

These options can include:

  • Guardianship
  • Estate planning
  • Probate services
  • Power of attorney

Guardianship is a court order that allows a person to become responsible for another's child. Legal guardians may have custody of a child, manage the child's estate or both. Our Rancho Cucamonga guardianship Lawyer can help you learn more about the process of becoming a legal guardian.

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