Modifying Family Law Court Orders In California

Modifying Family Law Court Orders In California

Our Rancho Cucamonga family law attorney have helped numerous individuals and families navigate the complexities of their legal journeys. Aside from providing our clients with comprehensive and personalized support during the divorce process, we also help them through any other family law related matter they may have. Because we are experienced in family law, our legal team is able to address a wide range of issues, both before and after a divorce is finalized.

A large part of our family law services involves helping clients modify existing family law court orders. Some of these clients have already gone through the divorce process, while others have not. All of them, however, had situations that made their existing court orders difficult or simply not feasible.

The state of California recognizes that circumstances change and that unforeseen issues can always arise. This is why laws were created to allow individuals to petition for modifications of their family law orders, whether they concern child custody, child support, or visitation agreements.

Some examples of the types of circumstances that may call for court order modifications include:

  • Job loss or changes in income
  • Serious illness or injury
  • Changing needs of a child
  • Incarceration of a parent
  • Relocation or remarriage

Whatever the circumstances may be, anyone who wishes to modify an existing order will need to navigate a legal process. If one party does not agree, a motion can be filed for a hearing, where you can ask the court to change your existing order.

Our firm works closely with clients seeking order modifications to help them understand their rights, the legal work that must be completed, and how we can help them pursue the best possible outcome. Because we know that everyone's situation is unique, we always work cases on a personalized basis.

If you have questions about modifying a family law order and how the Rancho Cucamonga divorce and family law Lawyer from our firm can help, call 909-766-1968 for a FREE consultation.