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At Aruna P. Rodrigo, Attorney at Law, our Rancho Cucamonga probate attorney serves individuals and families throughout the Inland Empire in matters relating to probate and estate administration. Probate—the court-supervised process of administrating an estate—can be a challenging, costly, and time-consuming process for estate representatives. By working with an experienced lawyer at our firm, you can receive the step-by-step assistance needed to navigate the probate process successfully.

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How Does the Probate Process Work?

For many, probate can be an intimidating legal journey. When the passing of a loved one takes an emotional toll, these legal proceedings can become even more difficult. Our firm is prepared to walk clients through each phase of the probate process, working closely with them to keep them informed at all times.

The probate process will generally work as follows:

  • File a petition –
    An executor named in a will—or a representative appointed by the court—must begin probate by submitting a petition to the local probate court to validate the will.
  • Inventory of assets –
    Estate representatives will be responsible for finding, securing, and managing a decedent's assets during probate. An attorney can assist with this task, which will involve an inventory of all assets, including bank accounts, real estate, and other possessions.
  • Paying debts –
    Representatives have the duty of addressing and paying any debts a decedent may owe creditors. Depending on the circumstances, some assets may need to be sold to pay debts.
  • Distribution of assets
    After all debts and creditors have been addressed, any remaining assets will be distributed according to a will, or through California intestate succession laws if there is no will.

Our probate lawyer had been guiding family members and loved ones through the probate process for nearly 20 years. Aruna P. Rodrigo, Attorney at law has the experience to handle the challenging probate issues and complications you may run into. He is here to help alleviate the frustrations of probate and make this process as smooth as possible.

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