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State law requires that a separated or divorced parent advise the court if they are planning to relocate. As the primary concern is the "best interests of the child" in custody matters, the court may not always approve of relocation, especially if the other parent shares custody or has a regular visitation plan. When one parent wants to move a great distance away, the court often requires a justifiable reason before granting approval. Even if they do grant approval, there may be additional modifications added to the custody agreement.

Whether you are planning on relocating or want to stop another parent from taking your children away, it is important that you retain legal counsel during this time. You need a Rancho Cucamonga child custody attorney who understands your unique situation and can help you present your case to the court.

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Reasons for Relocations

There are many circumstances that can require relocation. While the court will assess each request on a case by case basis, there are certain situations that may be more likely to receive approval.

For example, the following are often considered viable reasons to move:

  • New job opportunity that will benefit the family
  • Educational or extra circular opportunities for a child
  • To become closer to family and loved ones
  • Due to a fear of violence, abuse, or lack of safety

However, if the court believes that the move isn’t in the best interests of the child, they may decide that the other parent should be given primary or shared custody of a child. These matters can be emotional and difficult, and you want the steady hand of a skilled lawyer guiding you through each step of the way.

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