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Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

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Many individuals take advantage of the option to get a prenuptial agreement before marriage. This allows them to protect their personal assets if the marriage should end. At one time, such an agreement was unusual, but currently this is a common legal procedure, particularly with high net worth couples who are seeking to protect their property, bank accounts, stock accounts, and other assets.

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Creating Pre & Post-Marital Agreements

These agreements must be carefully drafted specifically for the individuals involved. As many such agreements are later challenged in court, the exact wording is critical. Even one word out of place can create serious problems if the agreement is not carefully constructed. The Rancho Cucamonga family law attorney from Aruna P. Rodrigo has the legal skills and ability to draft an agreement that is set up for court approval and designed to withstand legal disputes. For those who are seeking a postnuptial agreement, the same holds true. That is why you need a skilled legal professional guiding you through this process.

What Should be Included?

In some cases, a pre or postnuptial agreements may become necessary when a couple is getting married or has been married for several years.

An agreement can lay out the following:

  • Financial responsibilities of each spouse
  • What property each spouse owns and what is shared
  • Whether any alimony will be given and how much
  • Who will be liable for certain debts

This can be a complex process, particularly if the spouses are not in accord about the critical matters such as spousal support, bills, and other matters. Getting these matters into writing and coming to a resolution as quickly as possible allows a couple to move forward and make decisions about their future, whether it is to resolve the marriage or divorce. Allow our attorney to help you craft a pre or postnuptial agreement that addresses your concerns and sets your marriage up for success.

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