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Aruna P. Rodrigo is well-versed in handling all types of child support matters. Whether you are looking to set up a child support agreement as part of your divorce proceedings or to make modifications of court order on existing arrangements, he can help. Our firm represents both mothers and fathers facing new child support orders, child support modifications, and child support enforcements. If you are looking to resolve any issues regarding child support, an understanding Rancho Cucamonga child support lawyer from our firm can protect your rights and fight for what is fair in your situation.

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Factors Judges Consider for Child Support Decisions

While some child support issues may be resolved without going to court, they can sometimes be very complex, involving complicated calculations of income similar matters. They can also be very emotionally charged, especially if the agreements are being made as part of a divorce.

The most common factors involved in a child support decision include:

  • The income of both parents
  • The earning potential of each individual
  • The cost of living for each parent
  • The everyday costs of raising the child
  • Any special needs or expenses of the child

In a mediated or uncontested divorce case, you and your spouse will be making the decisions concerning child support, whereas with litigated divorce, this decision will come down to a judge's assessment of various factors.

Counsel You Need to Achieve the Best Possible Outcome in Your Divorce

When people are upset, they are sometimes unable to look at the big picture and tend to focus on situations that may not be constructive to the issue at hand. This is one of the major reasons it is invaluable to have legal representation that will always keep your best interests in mind when there are decisions to be made.

There may even be changes in the lives of the parents or children that may require modifications to already existing child support agreements. Changes like an increase in salary, a new marriage, relocations, or growing educational needs for a child can all be considered grounds for alterations to an agreement. Having a Rancho Cucamonga child support lawyer by your side who can identify all of these aspects is crucial.

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