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Blog Posts in July, 2016

How Is Paternity Established?

Only in the rarest of cases do courts need to determine who the mother of a child is; nine months of pregnancy and hours of labor leading to the child’s birth tends to be a pretty strong indicator. Paternity, on the other hand, can be much ...

What To Do When Your Ex Does Not Comply

Once your divorce is complete and the judge has set the terms going forward, you may feel like sitting back and breathing a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, there is still the chance that your ex-spouse won’t follow through on the requirements ...

When Should You Take Your Case To Court?

While avoiding court when pursuing your divorce may be the preferred option, it’s not always the best route to take. Divorces can quickly become messy affairs that mediation may not be able to handle; when that happens, you may need to take ...

Drug Testing in Child Custody Cases

Divorce proceedings can become contentious, especially when the court needs to determine who will be granted custody of any children involved. A common way that a parent may attempt to secure custody rights is to prove that the other parent cannot ...

Reasons a Parent Would Get Supervised Visits Over Custody

Custody battles in a divorce can often become contentious when both parents have a vested interest in keeping their children in their lives. Because courts and experts agree that the best case scenario for children is to have their parents remain as ...

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