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Blog Posts in February, 2016

Should I File For Divorce First?

If you are sure that your marriage cannot be fixed, it might be a good idea to dissolve the union. However, is it a good idea to file for divorce first? The simple answer is yes. The benefits of filing for divorce first outweigh the disadvantages. In ...

What You Need to Know About Free Range Parenting

“Back in my day, I walked fifteen miles to and from school, without supervision. In my day, kids knew how to fend for themselves.” If you have grandparents or older friends and family members, you probably heard a sentiment similar to ...

How to Divide Retirement Savings in a California Divorce

California is a “community property” state. This means that all assets, savings, and debts acquired during a marriage must be divided equally. Retirement savings are also equally distributed, but can be more complicated. Because there are ...

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