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Blog Posts in November, 2015

Are Divorce Laws Unfair to Men?

With current media representation of divorces, it can be easy to believe that the court favors women during a divorce proceeding. Men might feel disenfranchised and silenced in the courtroom, believing their rights are not being upheld. Although this ...

How Fatherhood Affects Men

The media and society constantly discuss what it is like to be a mother and how motherhood affects women, often eclipsing the experience of men and their children. However, having a child changes you, regardless of your gender. An addition of ...

How to Modify Spousal Support in Rancho Cucamonga

Life can be unpredictable, changing from day to day. What worked in the moment may not work in the future. The same goes for contracts made. Spousal support is established to allow both individuals an equal maintenance of their lifestyle. A couple ...

How a Super Lawyers® Rated Attorney Can Help You

When it comes to choosing an attorney for your legal needs, it is important to find someone who is experienced, knowledgeable, and has a solid record of success. The individual you choose to represent you in front of a court, or to make a settlement ...

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