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Blog Posts in December, 2015

Survive and Enjoy Your Holidays!

Another year has come and gone, bringing with it many joys and many challenges. At Aruna P. Rodrigo, Attorney at Law, we hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday and a happier new year! We would like to take a moment to thank our clients for ...

How to Tell Your Children About the Divorce

Divorce is not a topic that most children think about, at least not until it is necessary to do so. That is why it can be overwhelming to try and figure out how to break the news to your kids. It is a conversation that must be handled with care ...

How a Family Law Specialist Can Help You

Consider the following scenario. You and your spouse have realized that your marriage no longer makes either of you happy. Whether amicably or through adversity, you decide on a divorce. However, you realize you will need an attorney but are unsure ...

The Pros and Cons of Filing for Divorce First

It is never a happy moment when a marriage ends. Often times, couples struggle to patch up problems, but to no avail. It is a difficult choice; however, divorce may be the only option. If you are sure your marriage cannot be salvaged, you and your ...

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