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How is Child Support Calculated?


In any type of family law case – and especially in those involving divorce – a great deal of attention is given to children, if and when they are involved. The standard in family law courts is that the best interests of a child must be considered prior to certain legal actions. As part of the divorce process, courts will ensure that children will be provided a safe and caring home, and that their financial needs will be met.

Child support is intended to provide food, clothing, medical care, and the ability to get an education to children. Courts may order child support to be paid by one or both parents until children reach the age of 18, or 19 if they are still in high school, living at home, and cannot support themselves. When calculating the support to be paid, the court will use the California Guideline Child Support Calculator.

The California Guideline Child Support Calculator provides an estimate for the amount of child support a court may order. Ultimately, a Court Commissioner or Family Law Judge will have the authority to make a final determination about the amount of a child support order.

At James D. Madden, Attorney at Law, our San Bernardino divorce and family law attorneys can help you better understand how child support may be calculated in your particular case. We can also provide the support and assistance needed to protect your rights during all divorce and custody proceedings, as well as with court order modifications.

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